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Your Fertility Journey

What to expect for your fertility treatment at Thomson Fertility Centre

Every couple that has difficulties conceiving faces a unique set of challenges. Because of this and given our personalised approach to fertility treatment, every patient walking into our clinic embarks on their own fertility journey based on their own challenges.

That said, there are certain stages everyone goes through as they embark on this journey. Here is a guide to these stages and an overview of what you can expect throughout your assisted reproductive journey at Thomson Fertility Centre:

Step 1: Preliminary evaluation and ovulation induction

The first step if there is no pregnancy after the recommended period (more info on our Factors Affecting Fertility page) is to see your gynaecologist. Some preliminary tests will be done, such as blood tests, ultrasound scans, and a sperm analysis.

Our clinic has put together a fertility screening package for this purpose, you can find more information here.

A course of fertility tablets will be prescribed to ensure that you ovulate. If a pregnancy still does not occur within the following six months, a further continuation of medication is unlikely to result in pregnancy.

Step 2: A Physical Check

The next step to consider would be to check the fallopian tubes. These days, it is recommended that this be done through “keyhole” surgery, or laparoscopy, which involves inserting a small telescope into the abdomen through the navel. This method of checking has the advantage of verifying if the internal organs are normal and healthy, whether the fallopian tubes are blocked and if the ovaries are close enough to the “mouth” of the tube. To learn more about various conditions that could affect infertility, visit our Infertility conditions page.

Step 3: Assisted Reproduction

The third stage in addressing your fertility issues is to consider a form of assisted fertility treatment. Our clinic offers a couple of treatment options, depending on the evaluation of your circumstances from the previous stages.

A. Superovulation Intrauterine Insemination (SO-IUI)

Superovulation Intrauterine Insemination (SO-IUI) involves administering a set of daily injections to boost your natural hormones. This has the aim of inducing the growth of up to three eggs.

At the time of ovulation, your partner’s prepared sperm will be put into your womb in a simple and painless procedure to facilitate successful insemination.

More information on the SO-IUI treatment can be found here.

B. In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) – commonly referred to as the “test tube baby programme” — is the other assisted fertility treatment option at your disposal. IVF can be the sole option in some cases – for instance if the fallopian tubes are blocked, if there is insufficient sperm for SO-IUI or this procedure fails.

Simply put, In-Vitro Fertilisation is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) that involves extracting eggs from the body and mixing them with sperm in the laboratory before transferring the fertilised eggs (called embryos) into the womb. To learn more about this procedure, see our IVF page.


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