The first step towards parenthood, in particular if you have been having difficulties conceiving naturally, is to check if you or your partner have any fertility related condition. Early detection of any obstacle in the path of conception is key to maximising your chances of a successful pregnancy.

At Thomson Fertility Centre we offer comprehensive pre-treatment assessment to help us recommend the best fertility treatment for your circumstances and support you along the way. This consists of:


Our fertility specialist will diagnose any fertility issues you might have, and offer relevant treatment options. Diagnostic tests include ultrasound and blood tests. Treatment options may also include medication and further procedures.


Our nurse will explain the treatment cycle, medications and the number of visits needed for blood tests and ultrasound. We also offer support to couples through an emergency hotline service which is manned by our qualified nurses.

Our Fertility Screening Package includes all of the above components. If you are ready for your first step towards parenthood click here for the package details, including cost and book an appointment by clicking the get in touch button at the bottom of the screen.


Want to find out more about the services we provide? Do you have any questions about your particular situation or are you looking to book an appointment with one of our fertility specialists?