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why choose us?

Thomson Fertility Centre has a strong track record of helping couples achieve their dream of being parents. Our IVF team offers high standards of service to patients both in Singapore and internationally.

Since our inception in 1987, we have had numerous significant accomplishments under our belt. In December 2000, Thomson Fertility Centre became one of the first fertility clinics in the world to produce a pair of twins from frozen eggs and frozen testicular sperm – a breakthrough that opened new doors to the future of IVF treatments.

As a couple considering IVF or other assisted fertility treatments, it is completely natural for you to have many questions about each treatment procedure. Each case is unique, with each couple facing different challenges. We understand those challenges and aim to provide personalised, individual care for you. Nonetheless, we are also aware that it is helpful for couples to have an overview and general guide to what you can expect along the way. All fertility treatments, including IVF, begin with a consultation with our fertility experts. They will then develop a holistic treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

6 reasons to choose
Thomson Fertility Centre for your fertility needs

1. We are committed to quality

Licensed by MOH, Singapore and certified by Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee of Australia, our fertility clinic is committed to excellence of care and practices.

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2. We are a one-stop centre

We provide a comprehensive suite of fertility services, including screening, consultations, scans, laboratories, andrology services and operating theatre for egg collection and embryo transfer housed in one clinic for a seamless service experience for you. Throughout your fertility journey towards conceiving a baby, you will be served by the same team of doctors, embryologists and nurses working seamlessly to provide quality care.

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3. We empower our patients

Every one of our patients benefits from a one-to-one counselling session with one of our qualified nurses, followed by a discussion with our embryologist on lab procedures, results and expectations, age-specific success rates and other relevant information.

By providing you with comprehensive information throughout the process, you will be better-equipped to understand the various options our clinic provides and their suitability for your particular needs.

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4. We aim to provide a stress-free experience

We understand fully the anxiety that can accompany a couple’s journey to parenthood. This worry can in turn affect the treatment outcome, so we do our best to minimise stress and anxiety by taking

a holistic and patient-centred approach to care. Counselling services are available and we constantly work towards putting your mind at ease and to be in control of your fertility journey.

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5. Personalised Care

We work closely with our patients to offer personalised treatment. From the beginning of your fertility journey with our clinic, we work together with you to map out a unique treatment plan to fit your schedule and suit your needs and requirements, some of which may change as the treatment progresses – an important aspect to consider for Singapore-based and international patients alike.

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6. Joint IVF Management

We offer successful Joint IVF programmes with O&G specialists, both locally and abroad, who do not practise IVF. These patients will be managed by us during the course of their IVF treatment and then referred back to their doctors for continued management.

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Our Joint IVF Management system is very convenient for overseas patients because they don't need to be away from home for long periods of time.They can be confident knowing that their doctor in their home country is in contact with us and understands what's going on, so that care is continued and maintained when the patient returns home.