Accreditation Process for doctors who specialise in fertility

Doctors who wish to be considered for authorisation to perform AR shall satisfy the following criteria:
  1. be accredited by the Specialist Board and registered as a specialist and Gynaecology with the Singapore Medical Council Register of Specialists;
  2. be credentialed or have met the “Academy of Medicine Guidelines for credentialing to perform L2 laparoscopy;
  3. have at least 18 months “training in an AR Centre which shall include:
    1. reproductive endocrinology, particularly in the use of ovulation-inducing agents and hormonal control of the menstrual cycle;
    2. ultrasound-guided oocyte retrieval techniques;
    3. gynaecological endoscopy; and
    4. gamete / embryo transfer;
  4. have at least 6 months practical hands-on experience in AR under the supervision of an authorised medical practitioner;
  5. have satisfactorily performed a minimum of 20 oocyte retrieval procedure and embryo transfers under direct supervision of an authorised medical practitioner; and
  6. have attended at least one course / seminar on AR

The applicant doctor has to be accredited to Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) before applying for accreditation to Thomson Fertility Centre.

Please contact us at 6252 7766 or if you would like to find out more.

Our specialists and accredited doctors

Medical PractitionerSpecialty
Dr Cathryn Chan Weng Buen IVF Specialist
Dr Cheng Li Chang IVF Specialist
Dr Enoch GanUrologist
Dr Eunice Chua IVF Specialist
Dr Fong Yang IVF Specialist
Dr Koh Gim Hwee IVF Specialist
Dr Lee Wei Hong IVF Specialist
Dr Marianne Hendricks Sybille IVF Specialist
Dr Michele Lee Sook Ling IVF Specialist
Dr Noel Leong Kwai Yin IVF Specialist
Dr Paul Tseng IVF Specialist
Dr Simon Chong Shih Jian Urologist
Dr Suresh Nair IVF Specialist
Dr Steven Teo Boon Li IVF Specialist
Dr Yeong Cheng Toh IVF Specialist
Ms Shelwyn Tay Seok LinCounsellor